SULO-Y is the cutting-edge AI-powered solution for waste management that metropolitan areas have been looking for: a smart bin designed to patrol the streets, bringing waste disposal solutions directly to the consumer. …And it’s coming to Berlin! As one of over 60 startups in Germany working in the AI space, SULO-Y is setting its sights on solving the local waste management problem in Berlin and beyond. 

Inventor Toninho Dingl and scientist Florian Fiebiger came up with the idea after visiting their friend on Wesertraße (Neukölln, Berlin), a street filled with people, cars, and an abundance of rubbish. “It was terrible. A complete mess.” says Dingl. “The area looked like the local waste management had simply given up”. The two innovators realised there was a need for a solution and soon came up with the idea of a self-driving trash bin. 

SULO-Y is equipped the latest Divine 8 chip and smartSENSE technology which— when combined with the sensors and cameras—help navigate the bin through the environment, detecting any obstacles from up to 50 metres. SULO Y is not just smart; It’s tough too. Engineered from organic plastic and reinforced with natural all-weather lacquer, SULO-Y offers consumers an accessible trash solution in all weather conditions, whilst autonomously transporting the trash to the local disposal points. Assigned to a designated area, one SULO-Y will aim to replace up to 250 traditional static bins.

SULO-Y is now in the process of seeking investment, and are set to showcase their first prototype for the general viewing at their new concept store in Neukölln, on the very street that inspired their journey.  The initial release of smart bins are scheduled for trial in Q4 of 2025.